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Albany Hospice Care

Physician Managed Hospice Care Serving Albany

The families who live in and near Albany are known for their civic pride, caring nature, as well as strong family values. When difficult times happen, the families of Albany have a history of pulling together and helping one another, just as they did when Hurricane Katrina brought destruction upon Southern Louisiana’s towns and cities.  Regrettably, life is filled with storms, and while the forces of nature cause most storms, others are simply part of living. Probably none more heartbreaking than when somebody we care about develops an incurable illness. Still, these storms happen to every one of us. Inevitably, we all will need to cope with the death of a loved one because each of our lives will ultimately come to its end.

When someone we love is reaching the end of their lives, most of us are ill prepared and often at a loss as to where to turn for the guidance we need to help us traverse this challenging and often unfamiliar part of life. In most circumstances, hospice is the answer we seek to help us through the difficulties of taking care of our loved ones 24 hours a day.

Most Albany natives most likely believe that hospice is a facility which sick people go to pass away. However, hospice is not a destination, and it is not about dying. The truth is, hospice is a compassionate, holistic medical care which improves the quality of life for the people in our care and their family caregivers. It also lets individuals that have a life-limiting condition to live the best quality of life possible in the time that they have left.

Hospice also allows people approaching the end of their lives to continue to live in Albany and live in their homes with their loved ones close to them. As a matter of fact, nearly ninety percent of the folks that opt for hospice as a treatment option continue to stay in their residences up until their passing. It doesn’t matter if they reside in a house, a retirement community, or an apartment in Albany because hospice is almost always conducted in a patient’s home, regardless of the place they call home. Hospice Associates’ experienced staff will come to your Albany home and deliver the compassionate care you or your loved one needs, and we will provide it when you or your loved one needs it, anytime, 24-7. Hospice Associates is only a phone call away.

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A Nurse's Perspective

The Heart of Albany Hospice Care

How is it that a single word can instill so much dread?
How can a single word often cause people to cringe?
One word that many people never want to hear…

The word is HOSPICE, and it’s not as scary as you might think it is. In fact, hospice is not something to fear… it is something we should embrace.

Hospice was originally a home intended for those with a fatal illness– a place where the dying would go to live out the remainder of their lives. Nowadays, hospice is no longer thought of as a destination. Instead, it is now viewed as a medical service that administers comfort and care to terminally ill patients in their own homes. Whether that home is in a nursing home, assisted living facility, relatives’ residence, or their own individual home. Hospice can be offered to patients regardless of where they call home.

Among the primary myths regarding hospice I have encountered is that many people frequently assume it is only for people that only have a short while left to live. The fact is hospice becomes accessible as soon as a doctor tells their patient that their disease is incurable and a cure is no longer a possibility.

My experiences as a hospice nurse have offered me the opportunity to partake in the beauty of what hospice care offers to a family. Among the many things I hear from families is that many wish they would have known hospice was available long before they did. I believe this is because hospice reduces the burden placed on family members and provides them peace of mind. Once they understand the relief hospice provides, families can start to appreciate the time they have remaining with the ones they love.

I believe this is because the more quickly hospice is offered to a family, the sooner they are able to let go of the anxiety and fear of being the only ones giving care to their loved one. And when they see the relief it offers, they have the chance to begin appreciating the short time they have left with their loved one.

Hospice Provides An Education.

We help walk families through every aspect of the disease process, so they can understand how illness will progress and what they can come to expect. Then, as things occur, we are available to answer each of their questions and address any worries they might have. With this knowledge and understanding, families lose the fear of the unfamiliar and are given the tools they require to help their loved ones throughout the dying process.

Hospice Offers Comfort

This is not only for our patients but also for their family members. Comfort is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. Hospice offers patients as well as their families with spiritual, psychosocial, and physical comfort. Pain can be caused by many different things, however, it isn’t limited to just bodily pain.

Hospice Offers Closure

Hospice also helps to remove the barriers you may believe your condition has put on you. For a few, gaining the awareness and knowing what you should expect can be freeing. We don’t put restrictions on what our patients can or can’t do. Our aim is to help you be as comfortable and enjoy each and every moment that you have left to the fullest together with the ones you love.

Albany Hospice Care FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Albany In-Home* Hospice

In-home hospice Care delivered at our Albany patient's own homeVirtualy all hospice care is provided in-home, irrespective of the place the patient calls home. Hospice may be provided at your private residence, retirement community, assisted living, group homes, or family residences.

If you know of anyone in Albany that requires hospice care we are available for a confidential discussion at any time.Any person, whether a family member, patient, close friend, doctor or medical professional, can make a recommendation to Hospice Associates. Referrals are entirely confidential. If you know of somebody that is in need of our services, get in touch with us at 504-457-2200 to discuss whether or not we may be a suitable fit for the person you have concerns for.
If you know of anyone in Albany that needs hospice care we are readily available for a confidential discussion at any time.The most suitable time to learn more about hospice care is prior to you or somebody you care for actually needs hospice care. It’s never too late to learn more about hospice or to discuss hospice with your family. By talking about hospice well in advance, you ensure that everybody affected has a thorough understanding of what is available to them.
Albany hospice treatment is for any individual facing a terminal health problem.Not at all, people of all ages with a terminal diagnosis can undergo hospice treatment.
Your Albany physician continues to be an active individual in your healthcare monitoring.Yes. Your physician becomes part of our team. Our team will communicate and consult with your doctor to better understand your personal needs.
Hospice treatment does not restrict the activities you enjoy, hospice care can aid you to enjoy those activities all the more.To qualify for hospice, individuals don’t need to be inactive. Our objective is to help our patients live their lives to the fullest. We encourage patients in our care to do whatever they feel capable of doing and continue to do the activities that bring them joy.
Hospice care provides several advantages to both hospice patients as well as their family members.What helps make hospice so special is that it places emphasis on patient care and not on a cure. Hospice makes it possible for people which have developed a life-limiting illness to decide precisely how they wish to spend the remainder of their life. Hospice care ministers to the whole person, and their family is considered as part of the care unit. It places emphasis on pain control and enjoying life fully.

Hospice treatment is paid for by Medicare and Medicaid and is readily available to any person diagnosed with 6 months or less to live.Hospice services, even in-home hospice care is almost always completely covered by Medicare and Medicaid, so hospice care is something every peson that requires can afford. Individual insurance can on occasion help fund the cost of things Medicaid and Medicare may not cover.

Hospice care is paid by Medicare and also Medicaid and is readily available to any person with 6 months or less to live.Hospice Associates offers hospice and palliative care to any qualified* individual that resides within a 50-mile radius of New Orleans, which includes Albany.
Learn more concerning the joys of becoming a hospice volunteer.Hospice volunteers are generally available to provide different types of support to patients and their loved ones, often including:
  • Performing errands
  • Preparing snacks
  • Offering companionship
  • Staying with a patient to allow caregivers a break.
  • Providing emotional support to patients and families.
Given that volunteers spend time in patients’ and relatives’ residences, every hospice volunteer undergoes a thorough interview and background screening to make sure the person is appropriate for this type of volunteer work. In Addition, Hospice Associates has a training course for their patient care volunteers. Areas covered in these training courses typically consist of understanding hospice, confidentiality, assisting families, listening skills, signs and symptoms of impending death, loss, grief, and bereavement support.